PhD Programme

Overall, the research association offers its doctoral students an education that enables them to deal with the increasing complexity in science, the growing awareness of responsibility for the environment and future developments, and digitalization in research.

Interdisciplinary Research

Several partners are directly involved in each research project. The doctoral candidates will spend time periods of varying lengths at different partner institutes, allowing them to getting to know a diverse range of scientific environments and work styles (for details see the descriptions of the respective case studies: Research Programme). The PhD students get to know the work from different perspectives; thus, establishing the foundation for interdisciplinary thinking and communication. Exchange of materials and use of specific techniques adds to the interconnectedness of the alliance’s institutes.

Fostering Competencies Beyond Technical Knowledge

The alliance promotes in its PhD framework programme additional key competencies and qualifies them to communicate complex research topics with society and laypeople (more: D1: Science Communication). The doctoral candidates will learn about new ways of research data management through the alliance’s connection with initiatives in the area of digital and FAIR data (more: D2: Digital, FAIR and High-Qualitaty Research Data).