Forschungsprogramm C

C - Knowledge Transfer

In a controversially discussed topic such as the safety of advanced materials, knowledge transfer, factbased public relations, scientific dialogue and research on the reception of the topic play an important role. In their dialogue with the public, scientists are expected not only to communicate their technical knowledge in a vivid way, but also to enter an honest, open discourse with society, in which – and we saw this very clearly in the corona situation – emotional factors can play a big role. Especially the realistic evaluation of risks is a great challenge for non-experts, which needs to be further developed on the communication and the knowledge level. Beliefs and emotions as well as knowledge and risk evaluation strategies need to be addressed in science communication approaches.

The discussion on the safety and sustainability of advanced materials is an ideal topic to spark the interest of a wider public – due to the inherent controversy, the topic is ideally suited to develop and test new communication methods. Assessments, concerns and fears will be carried back from the discourse with the public to the scientific community. Researchers from different disciplines and with different expertise will be involved in the project.

Case Study

Case study C1: Safe materials communication

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