Forschungsprogramm D

D - Cross Cutting Topics

The participating institutes collaborate beyond traditional disciplinary borders.

Synergies for Improved Research and Training

The research alliance combines aspects of materials science, sustainability, human health, digitalisation as well as science transfer and science communication with a focus on the safe applications of advanced materials in a musltidisciplinary approach. The initiative aims to advance the important topic of safety of advanced materials through the necessary multidisciplinary basic research. The results should contribute to sustainable applications and products as well as to the further development of regulatory concepts. In addition, the initiative will actively communicate the results not only to the scientific community, but also to the public and seek appropriate measures for such knowledge transfer.

The Leibniz Research Alliance Advanced Materials Safety offers its doctoral students the unique opportunity to gain insights into different research areas and acquire key competences beyond specialist knowledge in the course of their everyday research and the accompanying doctoral programme.


D1: Outreach activities
D2: Digital, FAIR and high-quality research data